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What's special about GETTEXT?

GNU projects rely on other GNU projects. One vital project is gettext which provide program international language support (just as bos,rte.ILS does for AIX programs - but for the standard AIX run-time environment). In other words, GNU programs depend on a GNU run-time environment. Basically, because all established GNU projects use GNU text internationalization you will need aixtools.gnu.gettext.


At the bottom of the page I have listed GCRYPT (GNU Crypt) software.

I am building a new GNU repository. The current packages are "gnu1" and are not "aixtools.package" rather than the new packaging which will be "aixtools.gnu.package". The original reason to do this is a change I made in buildaix to support having multiple packages from a single source package logically into a single intallp file. The second reason is that I lost my old base during a refromat of my NAS. Just forgot to copy the archive to a safe location - No one to blame by myself.

The new repository it will be a sub-directory of it's own (gnu2) while the older material will be moved to gnu1 - and the directory gnu will be a link to what I consider the primary repository (gnu1 for now).

--Michael Felt (talk) 13:59, 11 April 2015 (UTC) About a week ago I destroyed - accidentally of course - my GNU projects sub-tree. While I lost a few scripts and (more) detailed notes - the key information is available in what I have posted in abbreviated form in my and project forums/mailing lists.

Lot's of Packages have dependencies on GNU packages and/or libraries. This long string of dependencies, sometimes only for a include file needed to verify if a library is present seem to be one of the reasons for the long list of dependencies that RPM installs have.

Note: I will, eventually, update buildaix so I can add dependencies into the installp file - and you are warned up-front - of what you need. Currently, other than bos.rte.libc, no dependencies are checked.


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