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Apache Software Foundation

Apache HTTP Server Project is their first - and best known project of ASF, or Apache Software Foundation. And this is the project that motivated me to develop buildaix

Starting with Apache 2.4 the APR API and utilities were moved outside the HTTPD Server Project - so all three are needed for an install.

Note: I am considering a bundled package of APR and HTTPD because APR is dependent on the compiler used (xlC or gcc). And when used with gcc additional gcc related runtime libraries are needed. (The packaging here is done using xlC/vac so no addtional libc runtime libraries are needed. There are other dependencies however.

In the current HTTPD source downloads the is a script build/aix/buildaix.ksh. This is how the package here was built (with xlC v11). As such, the installp packages begin with ASF rather than aixtools. I will provide the scripts needed to build the apr utilities as ASF.apr*.rte. However, my continued packaging shall name, or perhaps rename, the packages as aixtools.*.rte

  • dependencies

httpd-2.4 also needs pcre

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