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Michael Felt has been active in various roles with UNIX since 1979

  • Psychology (masters degree) with "graduate minor" in computer science, Free University Amsterdam
  • developed two back-ends for the Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK) (DOS and Macintosh (Fat Mac - 512K, and first Mac SE model)
  • developed floating-point emulation for ACK - written in C so that it would automatically be available to all ACK back-ends without floating-point HW support.
  • developed and maintained in-house development tools for several employers
  • before joining IBM in 1996
    • team mentor for new tools - initial research and skills transfer to team members
    • performance and security specialist for development teams
    • problem determination and resolution for customer support
  • joined IBM in 1996
    • 1996-2002 full-time instructor and course development AIX
    • Country (Netherlands and Belgium) curriculum manager
      • 1999-2005 AIX
      • 2001-2005 curriculum manager for IBM i (was OS/400)
      • 2003-2005 curriculum manager Linux
    • 2006-2008 full-time instructor AIX
    • 2009-present Managing Consultant - Lab Services and Training - for AIX and POWER

In 2001 Erik Kluit, as a so-called guest instructor, started the first AIX portal as a contact point for students with questions after attending an IBM education class - in particular, the AIX System Administration I (at the time, course code AU14). When Erik changed careers he sold the URL to John Peck - an ex-IBMer who was well know for his testing site topcat2. In this period Michael assisted both with technical advice and content.

In 2006, John asked Michael to takeover the rootvg domains as webmaster, and in 2014 Michael became owner of the domains.

Starting back with AIX 4.3.3 - in 1998 Michael has been busy with porting open-source packages - in particular Apache and PHP - to have an AAMP (AIX, Apache, Mysql, PHP) stack that the sites can run on (prior to 2001 the focus was to better understand development and porting issues).

In 2007 - following the example of PWARE (now extinct it seems) software site's practice of packaging software in INSTALLP format, rather than RPM - and starting experimenting with the AIX development (packaging) tool - mkinstallp. After having made a few versions of a script to automate the generation of the mkinstallp template Michael first developed a set of scripts that were included in the Apache HTTPD project (versions 2.2 and 2.4) to build and package httpd for AIX with a single command - build/aix/buildaix.ksh. This concept was later generalized into package that is available both via sourceforge (first as mkinstallp, now as buildaix) and also via a new portal for AIX tools - named (alias The site is to provide more background on the available packages - especially when something out of the ordinary is needed (i.e., not just the command "buildaix").

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