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archive some notes from the Packages page

Putting this here because I need to rework it somewhere else.

In any case, this did not belong on Packages

michael@x071:[/data/prj/openbsd/libressl/libressl-2.2.0]find . -name \*.a

--Michael Felt (talk) 13:07, 3 November 2016 (UTC) Before I forget, need to include some dump -H output to show the member names - which is what the loader sees, not (just) the archive name.

Now, if you were expecting (as I was) for the members to have similar numbers (, and you might be correct - but that is only by accident, not by design. Normally, you should not care - but something linked to libressl-2.1.6 were they were all equal (at .32) will not run if you update the library (only) to libressl-2.2.0. What has 'happened' is that the design of a library (in this case libcrypto) has been modified - so it's member numbering has been increased. The new library is now versioned at .33 - and a linker looking for the member will not find it when the member name is now

Again, not earth shattering - but hard on a packager directly - and indirectly, on you as a user.

Basically, what is going to happen is something like this: libressl-2.2.0 will be a pre-requisite for libressh. So, libressl-2.2.0 will be installed first. However, it will have a pre-requisite check that will refuse to install when it sees that any version of libreSSL is already installed. Hence, you will need to remove all programs that depend on libreSSL before you can update libreSSL. I wish there was a friendlier way, but this is clearly (to me) the most manageable.


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