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What is a package? A term I am still struggling with - and may be changed later. Maybe not.

In AIX terminology a PACKAGE would be an AIX LPP (AIX Licensed Program Products) and a PROJECT would be a fileset[1]. Another term - and the one I am probably going to change it to is BUNDLE.


Basically, packages aka bundles, are the files in, e.g. httpd - my first package.

Here I am just going to list them alphabetically. If you notice I am missing something (i.e., a .I file is missing, or a .I needs to be put into a package - let me know on forums[2].

Work in Progress

I am working on a 64-bit port of the statistical processing environment known as R. The 32-bit build was fairly simple - but not so for the 64-bit build.

Little things have included a new test version of gcc that includes gfortran. The more major, as far as consuming time, are:

a) learning how to manage 64-bit builds, especially with gcc
b) discovering the new system dependencies that must be installed (R has removed internalized support for several packages)

Today I have been writing some scan scripts to find the .m4, .ac and .in changes between R-3.2.2 and R-devel and slowlt working through the requirements - again, first as 32-bit as that is simpler to approach and then as 64-bit.

More to come!

  • rrdtool

RRDTOOL has a fair number of dependencies. glib and fontconfig have been difficult. RRDTOOL site has a very helpful list of packages - most of which are old and I am hoping that they form will work once compiled.

  • glib-2

As I had already been working for some time on getting ANY version of glib to compile I started with that one The first make error came while linking the tester.c program in ${basedir}/glib/tests. The program was saying that the symbol g_test_config_vars was undefined. After some searching I found the definition in the archive - but with a modified name IA__g_test_config_vars. This new name was the result of a define in glib/galias.h. First I tried adding the definition (because this galias.h is not included in the tester.c source) but this did not work. My next option was to block the definition in galias.h and try again - which worked!

/* block definition
extern __typeof (g_test_config_vars) IA__g_test_config_vars __attribute((visibility("hidden")));
#define g_test_config_vars IA__g_test_config_vars

Further in the gio directory there was a problem with a repeated value for a label. That was fixed by adding


in the file gioerror.c

  • fontconfig

In the src directory there is a makealias program that needed a small correction. Changing the line

   grep -l '^'$name'\>' "$SRCDIR"/*.c " | head -1 |" sed -e 's/^.*\/\([^.]*\)\.c/#ifdef __\1__/' >> $TAIL


   grep -l '^'$name "$SRCDIR"/*.c | head -1 | sed -e 's/^.*\/\([^.]*\)\.c/#ifdef __\1__/' >> $TAIL

i.e. remove the '\>' from the string grep is looking for meant that lines looking like:

   FcAtomicCreate (const FcChar8   *file)

were actually found, and the #ifdef statement was created.

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