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Update needed

GNU has been quite stable, mostly. However, all the packages here need a review - to see how current they are, or not.

If you are using any of these packages - and need an update sooner, rather than later - get in touch on the forums

Packaging Notes

History anno 2015

--Michael Felt (talk) 13:59, 11 April 2015 (UTC) About a week ago I destroyed - accidentally of course - my GNU projects sub-tree. While I lost a few scripts and (more) detailed notes - the key information is available in what I have posted in abbreviated form in my and project forums/mailing lists.

I am building a new GNU repository that will replace package names like "aixtools.package" with "aixtools.gnu.package".

The original reason to do this is a change I wanted in buildaix to support having multiple packages from a single source package into a single installp file. The second reason, and became more important, is that I lost my old base during a refromat of my NAS. Just forgot to copy the archive to a safe location - No one to blame by myself.

I use installp to minimize the feeling of RPM Hell. The poeple who create the RPM packages seem to believe that if a OSS project was needed for the build - it is needed for the run-time. This creates unneeded dependencies, sometimes only for a include file needed (perhaps) to build a package.

My ideal OSS package has no dependencies. And I test them that way. Starting the application and/or testing the application using ldd /package/bin/name I see if the shared libraries needed are already installed. If not, I repackage so that the installp program gives a list of the (installp) packages needed.

What's special about GETTEXT?

GNU projects rely on other GNU projects. One vital project is gettext which provide program international language support (just as bos,rte.ILS does for AIX programs - but for the standard AIX run-time environment). In other words, GNU programs depend on a GNU run-time environment. Basically, because all established GNU projects use GNU text internationalization you will need aixtools.gnu.gettext.


At the bottom of the page I have listed GCRYPT (GNU Crypt) software.


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